15 mayo 2006

OMA NY se separa de OMA para fundar Rex

Vía Edgar Gonzalez

Joshua Prince-Ramus (director de la oficina en Nueva York) es responsable de multitud de proyectos de OMA en todo el mundo, como el recientemente citado Museum Plaza de Kentuky. Ha decidido, junto a los 35 miembros de la oficina escindirse de OMA y de Koolhaas.
Habrá que estar atentos a las andanzas del recien nacido estudio.

Rem Koolhaas y Joshua Prince-Ramus.

Las primeras reacciones de koolhaas aparecen en el New York Times

SITTING on a stiff couch at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo the other day, across the street from the Prada store he designed, Rem Koolhaas — the Dutch architect who has been called perhaps the most influential of his generation — was happy to talk about the huge television headquarters he is building in China or how his Seattle Central Library has been a turning point for his firm, O.M.A. (Office for Metropolitan Architecture).
Joshua Prince-Ramus.

He had less interest in discussing the imminent departure of his partner sitting next to him, Joshua Prince-Ramus, who has been running O.M.A.'s American operations from its New York office. And no wonder: after a decade with the firm, Mr. Prince-Ramus is going out on his own and taking the entire 35-member New York staff with him.

"So little happened, it isn't even interesting to say this happened and this happened," Mr. Koolhaas said. "It is straightforward. We think it is in both our interests."

So, no hard feelings, no intrigue?

No, both men insist, their parting is simply a response to unfolding circumstances and an attempt to clarify issues of authorship and control. "It ultimately became a clear decision, but not an easy one," said Mr. Prince-Ramus, 36.

"The sadness is something we deal with in private," said Mr. Koolhaas, 61...

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